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Carpet Recycling

Why use us to recycle your carpets?

Because of the size of our facilities, and the fact that we only deal with organisations who have large volumes of carpets and other materials for recycling, we can keep our running costs low, and make maximum use from the natural and synthetic fibres we extract from carpets and unwanted carpet materials.

All the materials we extract are recycled for use in a range of products including insulation and sports surfaces as well as in new carpets and underlays, or converted into use as fuels and other energy sources.

Recycling carpets helps councils and companies meet their recycling targets and contribute to the environment by diverting waste from landfill, thereby making further use of them and reducing the drain on unused resources.

Alternative Fuels Inc provide full recyclying reports so that all our clients have a verifiable record of the volume of material they have sent for recycling and the use that has been made of it.

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An estimated that 400,000 tonnes of waste carpets arise in the UK per year. Traditionally most of these were going to landfill rather than being recycled or reused. As potentially reusable resources were left to biodegrade over a number of years at considerable financial and environmental cost, new resources were being extracted for the carpets that were being laid to replace them, and for the many other things that the recycled material could have been put to use for.

Slowly the tide is turning:

  • Around 28% of the local authorities in the UK are now separating carpets and sending them for recycling rather than to landfill. 113,000 tonnes of waste carpet were re-used, recycled or recovered in the UK during 2014; up by nearly 5% on the previous year.

But more can still be done...

With our recycling processes at our Tilbury Docks location Alternative Fuels Inc provide a reliable, efficient and effective carpet recycling service for clients including:

  • Councils
  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Tenant Management Associations
  • Universities,
  • Housing Associations
  • Prisons
  • and other large institutions


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