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Mattress Recycling

We currently recycle mattresses for fuel and threads.

Where we recycle for threads it can count towards recycling targets for councils and local authorities.

We separate mattress by material type either mechanically shredding or manually stripping materials using specialist tools. Materials such as polyester, foam and cotton may then be recycled for a variety of uses including pillow stuffing; furniture upholstery; carpet foam or underlay padding. Textiles, such as rayon and sisal, might be recycled into new mattresses, and steel from springs can be used by manufacturers in a wide range of everyday products.

Where material, such as wood from box springs, can’t be recycled into new products it can be converted into garden mulch, animal bedding or used to produce a biomass fuel helping to reduce the amount of newly extracted resources required for these.

We collect all mattresses and provide full recyclying reports so that all our clients have a verifiable record of the volume of material they have sent for recycling and the use that has been made of it.

Mattresses are filled with recyclable material. From the cotton and polyester and other materials on the outside of the mattress, through to the foam and padding on the inside, and the metal springs and wood from box springs that give a mattress it’s buoyancy, almost every part of a mattress can have a life beyond its original use. In spite of this:

  • The National Bed Federation’s End of Life Report for Mattresses estimated that only 12.9% of mattresses were recycled in 2013. With over 4.5 million replacement mattresses bought that year, it means the overwhelming majority were just disposed of, taken to local tips or landfill sites where they are left to biodegrade over many years.

This has environmental and financial costs, both from the disposal of the old mattresses and the wasted opportunity costs from recycling the material, to the cost of extracting and using new material in the absence of sufficient recycled resources.

There is an alternative for:

  • Councils
  • Hotels
  • Nursing Homes
  • Tenant Management Associations
  • Universities
  • Housing Associations
  • Prisons

and other organisation with a large number of mattresses that are no longer needed.

Contact Alternative Fuels Incorporated to take mattresses to our large scale recycling processes.

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