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Refuse Derived Fuel or RDF

Mainly MSW ( Municipal Solid Waste), consists of black bag/general waste streams from household and canteen waste streams, and ideally suited for waste to energy incineration plants that can deal with low heating values and wet fuel.

Specification are:

  • sub 300mm coarse shred baled and wrapped
  • 7-12 MJ heating values high moisture +30% high organics
  • high ash and generally high chlorine from the organics and packaging with high odours.


Solid Recovered Fuels

SRF Fuel production from the UK is mainly 18-20 MJ/CV, moisture/ash less than 15% and chlorine less than 1%. Fuel production is made up from MRF residue from C&D/C&I waste streams, and processed to sub 40mm specification. No waste containing organics from food streams are permitted within the specification of the fuel.

  • Material is pre-treated through MRFS Pre-shredders, screens, air separator's, metal separation, optical sensors/picking lines to remove wood, rubble PVC, and hard plastics that cause high chlorine levels.
  • Final material is the shred with secondary shredder to reduce size to sub 40mm flock, (depending on the end user specifications)
  • End product is then analysed to check quality meets specification

Specification generally consists of:

  • 18-20MJ
  • ash less than 15%
  • moisture less than 15%
  • and chlorine less than 1%

This is then suitable as a high grade fuel for kilns requiring a fossil fuel substitute.

The Environment Agency are currently looking at the classification of RDF and SRF for a better description and European waste identification coding for fuel used in incineration and kilns.

We are able to supply thousands of tonnes of good quality fuel per week from across the UK, loose, baled and wrapped. Access to ports have been identified to export fuel from various locations across the UK, once TFS notifications are in place.

We have a very good quality control system in place with all fuel producers/suppliers who are showing signs of providing better quality fuels with our advise and expertise with alternative fuels. You can see a sample analysis report here.

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